What is the advantage of a direct fire coffee roaster

The Common coffee roasting equipment- Direct fire coffee roaster

When we talk about roasting equipment, the coffee bean roaster is one of the most popular equipment. What are the common types of coffee bean roasters?

Among the factors affecting the taste of a cup of coffee, green beans account for 60%, roasting accounts for 30%, and extraction accounts for 10%. Good roasting can maximize the personality of green beans and minimize the appearance of defective taste, so choose a premium quality coffee roaster is especially important. There are three types of coffee roasters on the market: Direct Fire Roaster, Half Hot Air Roaster, and Hot Air Roaster. Today, I am gonna introduce you the direct-fired roasting machine.

Direct Fire Roasting

The drum surface of the direct fire roaster machine has a perforated design, the holes are of a certain size and spacing, and the fire underneath is directly transmitted to the furnace chamber. It has a high technical requirement for the roaster and is very careful about the fire adjustment of each roasting stage.

Advantages of the direct-fired roasting machine

Shorter preheating time: Compared with hot air and semi-hot air roasters, the direct fire roaster has a thinner wall, so the overall warm-up time is shorter.

The flavor of the manor bean can be uniquely characterized: the process of direct fire roasting is directly transmitted to the green beans through the fire, that is, the heating method in which the heat energy is gradually organized into the inner tissue by the outer tissue of the green bean. Therefore, direct fire roasting is like cooking dumplings. It is necessary to add few waters. The purpose is to make the inside and outside of the dumplings evenly heated. Otherwise, the surface is cooked and the inner is not cooked. The same is true for direct fire roasting. It can be combined with the characteristics of green beans, adjust the fire and the damper, and choose whether to be low-temperature roasting or high-temperature roasting according to the condition of green beans. Low temperature roasting is suitable for more green bean input, while high temperature roasting is suitable for less input.

Suitable for mixed beans or single bean coffee: Direct fire roasting can express the flavor and aroma of coffee, and the effect is better than hot air or semi-hot air roasting.

Disadvantages of the direct-fired coffee roasting machine

The heat inside the drum is not easy to adjust: because the drum has a hole design as a whole, when the fire provides the first heat at the bottom of the furnace, the heat will immediately dissipate from the other holes, resulting in insufficient heat. However, if the temperature is raised in order to compensate for the heat, when the fire exceeds the amount that the amount of green beans can be tolerated, it will be scorched. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully adjust the amount of green beans to adjust the heat, it will be very good. It is important to confirm the time when the "yellow point" appears and the first crack time.

It is less easy to evenly roasting: because the heat stays in the inside of the drum for a shorter time, the direct fire roasting is easily uneven. In this case, instead of adjusting the firepower, the damper can be adjusted. When adjusting the damper, you also need to see if the atmospheres is high or low. The low-pressure weather opens more than the opening of the high-pressure weather damper. Otherwise, the silver skin is not easy to discharge, so it produces more smoke. If the smoke is not completely discharged, the taste and aroma of the coffee will be Defeat, and there is a smoky smell .

Externally susceptible to external influences: External environmental effects Direct fire roasting includes: indoor temperature, outdoor temperature, air circulation, weather conditions, ventilation, etc.

The hobby-loving friends can watch it.  I will continue to introduce you to the variety of roasting equipment and the more recognized brand of roasting equipment. About the coffee bean roasting machine, there will be three articles to introduce the three coffee roasters in detail, and the next section introduces the semi-hot roasting machine.