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Commercial ZD 30Kg Coffee Roaster Machine

Machine Model ZD-30
Capacity 4kg-32kg/cycle, 60kg-120kg/hour
Voltage AC220V-240V 50-60Hz
Heating Source Nature Gas | LPG
Gas Consumption 3.2Kg/Hr
Roaster Material Food grade stainless steel
Roasting Time 12-20 minutes
Drum & Mixing Motor 750W + 200W
Exhaust & Cooling Motor 750W + 1500W
Roaster Dimension 2100×1900×1000 (mm)
Cooling Tray Dimension 1100×990×1100 (mm)
Chaff Collector Dimension 1850×750×720 (mm)
N.W./ G.W. 940KG / 980KG
Artisan Support USB/Bluetooth connect to computer
Package Plastic Film + Plywood Pallets
  • 30kg coffee roaster
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