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3kg coffee roasters

Updated: September 18, 2021
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Feature Highlights
3 87000
Shop 3Kg Coffee Roaster Machine
Movable floor type shop 3kg coffee roaster with castwheel. Electric or gas type available. High quality 4 motors. Stainless steel double wall drum, more even heat distribution. Machanical manual airflow damper control exhaust air volume. Japan FUJI temperature controller, BT&ET dual temperature monitoring. Safety electrical heat control system, overtemperature protect, roaster breaker protect. Custom roaster colors (options). Variable drum speed adjustor (options) Data logging to computer, artisan roasting curve output (options)  


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Automatic Commercial Coffee Roaster
Smart 3Kg Automatic Commercial Coffee Roaster
  • Batch 0.5 kg-4 kg load capacity
  • The heating adjustment from 0-100%
  • Air damper control from 0-100%
  • Data storage and data calling available
  • Variable drum speed adjustable
  • Variable fan speed adjustable
  • Automatic Running & constant running available
  • Automatic green bean charge control (optional)
  • Automatic roasted bean discharge (optional)
  • Control roasting via Windows/Android App
  • Control roasting via mechanical panel (optional)


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ZD 3Kg Coffee Roaster for Sale

Stainless steel drum and cooling tray

Japan Omron temperature controller and timer.

Data logging connect artisan Available

Variable drum speed control

Roast upto 3 x 3.8kg each hour, upto 93kg of roasted coffee bean 8-hrs.


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1kg coffee roaster
ZY 3Kg Coffee Roaster for Sale
ZY 3Kg Coffee Roaster for Sale Batch Capacity: 500g-3kg/cycle Roasting Time: 10-15 minutes. Heat Source: NG, LPG Electric Power: 0.55KW Roaster Dimension (L×W×H): 1390mm×990mm×1320 mm Chaff Collector Size (L×W×H): 520mm×470mm×1140 mm         The ZY-3 coffee bean roasting machine uses advanced technology with high-quality stainless steel drum. It characteristics of high-temperature heating and […]


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