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K-Boper Coffee Roasters

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300g hot air roaster
300G Hot Air Roaster Bluetooth Curve Small Home Commercial Coffee Bean Roaster
Batch Roast 350g . Pure hot air roasting method. Over Temperature Protection. Knob Control on Air volume and Heat-power Roasting and cooling two in one Achieve first-crack within 3 minutes Bluetooth curve connect to PC or Mobile Phone (Optional).


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silver skin exhaust system
Coffee Bean Cooler Silver Skin Exhaust System
Coffee Bean Cooler Silver Skin Exhaust System


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household coffee roaster
Electric 150G Hot Air Roaster Small Household Coffee roasters
Electric 150G Hot Air Roaster Small Household Coffee roasters The air roaster needs to manual operate, roasting capacity is 150g, silverskin is automatically blown up and collected to the top chaff box when roasting, the roasting chamber adopts transparent high-temperature resistant quartz glass, can easily see the bean color changes and roasting level. The airflow […]


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300g bluetooth coffee roaster
Small 300G Bluetooth Coffee Roaster Hot Air Manual-Auto 2 In 1 Home Roasting Cooling Two-In-One
  • Roasting & Cooling 2-in-1 hot air roaster machine.
  • Separated cooling bin for quick cool down roasted beans.
  • LED lamp fit for dark environtment, e.g. home & kitchen, cafe, coffee shop.
  • Digital-level display of firepower and air volume.
  • Foldable control panel can free adjust direction as well.
  • Manual adjustment available during auto-mode.
  • Easy switching mode between auto & manual.
  • Open Gate beans automatic fall into the cooling bin
  • 9 stages of roasting data in auto-mode, can set the parameters, e.g. air volume, firepower, time, etc..
  • Easy mastering White points, yellow points, Maillard, caramelization.


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